Freshening Things Up

Spending the last few weeks of my summer at home is always a treat. I go to school in Texas, so I am there for the majority of the year, but I do get to spend a few weeks with my family in New York. Since I don't work while I'm at home, it is usually very relaxing. Long days with nothing to do usually lead me to some creative outlet. This time, I've been doing some painting and freshening up of my mom's kitchen and my brother's bedroom. I really enjoy freshening up a room, even though it's not a huge outlet for creative expression. 

This was a quick project I did for my brother. After painting his room, we decided that we should fix up his dresser as well. The avid Pinterester that I am, I am a huge fan of the shabby chic look. So, of course we went that route.  

 This is a before picture. (Pardon the mess, we are talking about the bedroom a teenage boy!)
First, we sanded the entire thing.  

 We then used a thin basecoat of white to lightly cover everything. 
 When we finished painting, we sanded the entire thing....

and viola! Beautiful new dresser! 

I'm pretty proud of how this project turned out. It was the first time I've ever attempted this method on something as large as a piece of furniture, and I think it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! 

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