thoughts on the new year.

The end of a year for me is usually quiet and reflective. This has been a great year for me. A year full of change. God has taught me so many things this year and blessed me in ways I can't even explain. I have learned about trusting in Him when it seems that there is no hope. I have also learned that His timing is everything. I am growing, but I have so much more growing to do. 

I am looking forward to this upcoming year for many reasons. I know that this is going to be a great year! These are some of my goals for the upcoming year. I've never been one for resolutions, but I'm ready for change! 

be more adventurous outdoors - i want to spend more time taking walks, riding bikes, going running in the park, having picnics on saturdays. I want to spend more time enjoying simple things outdoors and creating memories with the people I love. 

read more - i love reading, but i am the worst when it comes to pleasure reading during the school semester. i want to take time and just stop and read. anything. 

encourage my creative side - from making cards for birthdays, making homemade gifts for my love, to creating a gorgeous living space in my new apartment, i want to be surrounded by beauty and creativity. 

be better at this blog - i started this blog with great intentions, but somewhere i got a little busy. it gets so hard for me during the semesters, but i really want to be better at this. 

grow deeper in my walk with Christ - there's always room for improvement. 

Here's to a great 2013! 

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