why dumpsters are awesome.

Let me start off this post by saying that if I hadn't accidentally deleted the "before" pictures, this post would have been a lot better. 

But I somehow, in a moment of true blondeness, deleted the pictures that would show you what exactly I'm talking about. Bear with me. Keep reading. 

My apartment is on the very end of the row of buildings. Like, all the way. Next to the dumpster. Gross, right? Nope. It's wonderful. Here's why:

One day, as I was getting out of my car, I noticed a strange piece of furniture standing next to the dumpster. I couldn't resist a free piece of furniture AND a great potential DIY project. It was dark, so I couldn't see it too well, but I dragged it to my apartment anyway. 

The next day, I got a good look at it. (This is the part where my "before" pictures would have been useful. Sorry.) It was an old sewing machine table, the kind where the top opens up and the machine flips up from the inside. The sewing machine was not inside, but that was fine, I don't need one of those. Anyway, the thing was gross. Weird sticky floor protector things on the bottom of the legs, blue marker scribbled across the top, beaten up corners, the works. 

This sounds like my kind of project. I needed a new TV stand, I had a gross beaten up sewing table. Perfect. I took some white paint to it, and it suddenly transformed. I had thought about switching the knobs to those super pretty (and expensive) ones I always see at Anthropologie, but with the white paint, I liked the way the original knobs contrasted. 

So I kept them. Basically all I did was put three coats of white paint on this sucker. I'm no decorating genius. And by that I mean, I have no real know how, so I'm probably doing things wrong when it comes to painting things. But who cares? 

Anyway, all that to say this: I love my TV stand. And I especially love that it was completely free. 

And in the end, I have zero shame in pulling this gem from the dumpster. Bring it on, dumpster! 

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